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Together, Stronger

As we are going through the change and uncertainty in our daily lives brought by the outbreak of COVID-19 Coronavirus disease, our customers across the globe are assured of support with our sufficient stock levels and flexible services as usual. Not only we follow the instructions and recommendations from Taiwan Centers for Disease Control, we have also taken appropriate approaches to protect our employees and their families while managing to run our operation normally by separating our staff into two teams and establishing remote network for work-from-home employees.


The challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic are unprecedented to everyone on this globe. In a time of social distancing, we S-Turbo will continue supporting every tool distributor and user in each corner of the world to make the spirit of creation and enthusiasm for DIY never end!


For more informaion, please check: Taiwan Centers for Disease Control 


S-Turbo D.I.Y. & Hardware Co., Ltd.


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