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  • AMC Ultra Scratch Remover USR-5
    AMC Product No960.060

    AMC Ultra Scratch Remover USR-5

    AMC Ultra Scratch Remover USR-5


    Capacity: 28g
    Application: Plastic, Resin, Metal, Acrylic glass
    Usage: Just put a little amount and wipe with soft cloth. As the cloth gets dark, the surface of the metal are being polished and the scratches are being removed.


    ◆ The best and easist solution for removing small scratches.
    ◆ Popular in the watch industry and often used for polishing watch band and watch windshield.
    ◆ It works well for soft materials like plastic, as well as precious metals such as gold, silver, PT and stainless steel.
    ◆ It contains ultral-fine abrasive which not only removes the scratches but lusters the surface at the same time!
    ◆ It can be applied in removing scratches on car, model, watch, acrylic glass surface or on precious metals.